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We flew in to Jackson Hole, Wyoming and immediately drove to one of the scenic turnouts to get a good look at the Tetons. Oddly enough, the highest peak is called The Grand Teton.


Wisdom (i.e. Terri).


And youth.


After driving to West Yellowstone, we went on a guided snowmobile tour through the park - probably the biggest business in town. Spencer and Brad rode double.


Terri mentally prepares by reminiscing about those dirt bikes.


A few miles into the park, we rounded a corner and met up with these guys.


When we started getting close to the geyser area, the cold weather made the hot spots even more noticeable than they are in the summer. 


The Grand Prismatic Spring was one of several sites that we stopped and walked around. Our snowmobile guide was great - turns out he had been a regular Yellowstone guide for years.


The boys ponder one huge hot tub.


We had lunch at Old Faithful, and our guide took our picture during one of the two eruptions we witnessed. We're probably the first to have the idea for a shot like this.


The Men of Yellowstone. Buy your calendar now.


On the way back out, we saw a couple of bull elk and also a bald eagle. Didn't get a picture of the eagle, but its nest was as big around as a dining room table.


Back at the snowmobile rental place, Spencer and Brad found a hill to fight over. Hard to imagine.



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