Here is Wilson Peak (photo by Jason Halladay), in southwest Colorado near the town of Telluride. Taylor and I tried to climb it, but I got concerned on the southeast face (the high snowy one shown here) and turned back. Here are the pictures from our trip:


There was a cool waterfall about an hour into the hike.


Tay points to Navajo Basin, which is where we're going to camp. The high spot on the ridge is El Diente.


Here is  where we made base camp - Navajo Lake is at about 11,300'. Gladstone Peak is in the background; Wilson Peak is still not visible.


Day two summit attempt. This is what they call Rock of Ages Saddle, not far from the Wilson Peak summit (not shown here). We were pretty hammered by altitude sickness at this point, and shortly after this photo we began our traverse of the southeast face. I abandoned our quest about 1000' from the summit; no real climber would consider the "broken cliffs" feature particularly exposed, but I was uncomfortable and turned us around, much to Taylor's chagrin. Better to climb another day...


This view to the southeast, containing Lizard Head Spire, is the last shot I took before turning back. 


This was the first occurrence of water on the way back down to base camp. I was so thirsty I started drinking right from the pump, and Taylor found amusement in that. 


Heading back down to base camp, on the far (downhill) side of Navajo Lake. The green patch past the lake is trees, i.e. it's further than it looks. Taylor is in "trudge mode" right about now.


There's nothing quite like getting back to the tent. Taylor emerges from our plush, spacious abode.


This is about halfway back down to the trailhead.


At last, I've found you....


We drove to Telluride and luckily found a room. Hotels are wonderful things. Below is another great photo of Wilson Peak from the north, taken by Ryan Schilling. Ryan is a climber and photographer who has captured many great shots of Colorado's fourteeners.



I really wanted to make it up to Tay after denying him the Wilson Peak summit. After resting in Telluride, we spent the next night in Ouray so that we could take a crack at Mount Sneffels.


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