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Great scenery along the road. 


These abandoned mines are everywhere.


Cool road. It was good to have a Jeep.


We drove to a hotel in Lake City, close to Wetterhorn Peak, which I would attempt the next morning. 

Wetterhorn would be my first attempt at a "Class 3" climb. 


The road to the trailhead was pretty tough, but had some nice sections through Aspens.

Terri dropped me off at the trailhead and vowed to return in the afternoon.


About a mile into the trail you break out of the trees and are treated to a great view of Matterhorn Peak (13,590'), which is ridge connected to Wetterhorn.


A picture of me taking a picture of the connecting ridge.


Eventually I came across another climber on the trail, who snapped a picture of Wetterhorn over my shoulder.


Up through a boulder field. Wetterhorn is a great mountain at 14,015'. The fin-looking feature to the left of the summit is called the Ship's Prow.


To the east, Uncompahgre Peak is another majestic sight at 14,309'.


I stashed my poles about here, where climbing with my hands would begin. The path to the summit is a traverse up and across this face, to a point to the right of the Ship's Prow.


Route finding across a sometimes crumbly, gravelly ledge system required patience; if you get to a dead end you just have to downclimb and try another path. 


There were several really fun slots to climb.



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