In October 2008 Terri and I took a Baku-based trip to Germany and Austria. We flew to Frankfurt and started by renting a car and driving southeast. This is Heidelberg, where my Dad was stationed in the war. We took a nice drive down the River Neckar.


Here is Heidelberg Castle on the hill behind Old Bridge.


We next visited the Dachau Concentration Camp, about 10 miles northwest of Munich - this was the first camp opened in Germany. Terri stands by the gate reading "Work Makes One Free".


Late in the afternoon of 29 April 1945 KZ Dachau was surrendered to the American Army by SS-Sturmscharführer Heinrich Wicker. This is the Memorial on the Dachau grounds.


Next we headed to Salzburg. Here is a typical Bavarian village, viewed from the Autobahn. Beautiful country.


Fall colors between Salzburg and Hallstatt.


A beautiful day in the mountains. 


The leaves were changing and falling, and the rent car was blowing through them like an Audi commercial. Great day.


Here is Hallstatt, Austria, along with Hallstattersee (Lake Hallstatt).


Hallstatt is a town squeezed between a lake and a mountain.


The town's Catholic Cemetery and adjacent Beinhaus (Charnel-House) are fascinating. The Hallstatt graveyard is so small that after 12 years they would dig up the bones, decorate them, and put them in the chapel. Terri now has decorating ideas for our graves....


Even the steps back up to the parking lot were pretty .....


The Hallstatt Chapel.




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