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I took several pictures of climbers headed down on their way to other peaks.





The wind on the viewing platform was blowing like crazy and it was bitterly cold – you can see from this image of Mont Blanc that the summit slopes were being blasted. I was concerned about my friends but had not yet heard how they were doing.


I took the cable car back down to a lower station, called Plan de l’Aiguille, at 7600’ and headed up the valley on a hiking trail towards a train station. The trail was pretty level and didn’t aggravate my knee much. Along about here I got a text from Chris that the team had to turn back because of the winds, which he described as “ferocious”. We had some amazing athletes in the group, but none would summit.


More nice views just before heading down another valley to the train station. I definitely recommend this day trip for anyone who makes it to the area.


I was treated to a great view of a classic glacial valley, scoured clean by the crushing ice flow. Far below, and looking like ants, a line of climbers was headed up this cut to who knows where.


The station for the train that would take me back to Chamonix. After everyone got back from Mont Blanc, it was great to shed the gear and spend the evening in town together. I have to see about the knee and probably do some soul searching - but I sure would like to go back.


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